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    Getting around the city from Modena by Fraser Changsha

    Modena by Fraser Changsha is strategically located in the heart of the financial hub of Kaifu District.  Situated within the I-City Lifestyle Shopping Mall - a 100,000sqm shopping mall incorporating a state-of-the-art cinema and a giant supermarket - the property is well served by facilities and amenities within the vicinity, shopping in Changsha or moving around for business is convenient and fuss-free.

    Hunan Provincial Museum 湖南省博物馆

    A must-visit for culture vultures, this sprawling museums houses fascinating relics from nearby archeological site, the Mawangdui Tombs, which date from the Han Dynasty.

    Yuelu Academy 岳麓书院

    Now part of Hunan University and a seat of learning since the Song dynasty, Yuelu Shuyuan - or ‘the one thousand year academy,’ as it is known - features ornate pavilions housing a number of historic artefacts, including the Lushan Temple Tablet

    Kaifu Temple 开福寺

    In the Kaifu district, one of China’s great Buddhist Temples and listed as one of the most important Buddhist Temples of the Han era.

    Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center 梅溪湖国际文化艺术中心

    With dramatic architecture by late British architect Zaha Hadid, the Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center is poised to open its dramatic doors in June 2017, and will house a museum, 1,800-seat theater, and multipurpose hall.

    Taiping Jie – 太平街

    Yuelu Park 岳麓山

    Meixi Lake 梅溪湖

    Orange Island 橘子洲

    Huo Gong Dian 火宫殿

    Not to be confused with a restaurant chain of the same name, Fire God Palace is actually the site of an ancient temple fair. Today, it’s a great spot to sample typical Hunan delicacies such as glutinous rice buns, stinky tofu… and lots of spice!

    West Lake Restaurant 西湖楼

    One of the biggest restaurants in the world, this 5,000-seat eatery serves up xiang cai (local flavors of Hunan), as well as Cantonese fare, carefully prepared by more than 300 chefs!

    … And of course, if you find yourself craving more familiar flavors, most of the larger hotels around town offer a first-rate buffet!

    Wuyi Road 五一大道

    Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street 黄兴步行街 (传统)

    A two-kilometer stretch of charming stores and cafés, selling all manner of souvenirs and local specialities.

    Jiefang Xilu at Furong District 解放西路 – 芙蓉区

    Hualongchi 化龙池

    Another well-known bar street in Changsha, Hualongchi is abuzz late into the evening, and good for meeting both Chinese and foreign friends.

    Modena by Fraser Changsha

    416, Furong Road, Changsha, Hunan, China

    Modena by Fraser Changsha

    No. 416 Furong Middle Road Sector 1,
    Kaifu District,
    Changsha, Hunan,

    Modena by Fraser Changsha
    • Facilities, Amenities and Services within the vicinity

      • I-City Lifestyle Shopping Mall (within the same complex)
      • Supermarket-Vanguard (I-City Shopping Mall B2F)
      • Café-COSTA; Maan Coffee, Vallout Bakery (I-City Shopping Mall B1F)
      • Clinic-Xiangya Hospital (5-minute walk)
      • The Maternal & Child Health Hospital (across the street)
      • Martyrs Park (7-minute walk)
      • Wen Chang Ge Subway Station (8-minute walk)
      • Huangxing south pedestrian shopping street (10-minute by car)
      • Kaifu Buddhist Temple (5-minute by car)
      • Changsha Catholic Church (5-minute by foot)
    • Moving Around


      Changsha is one of China’s most important inland transportation hubs, and is connected by Huanghua International airport (黄花机场). Located just 25 kilometers east of the city center, it serves 29 international destinations. Domestically, the city is linked via China’s world-class bullet train service to Beijing (five hours), Shanghai (four hours), and Guangzhou (three hours).

      Travel within Changsha is convenient and inexpensive, thanks to a subway network of more than forty stations, as well as a recently opened Maglev high-speed train connecting the South Railway Station to the airport in just twenty minutes.

    • About Changsha

      A cultural center boasting more than 3,000 years of history, the site of Mao Zedong's conversion to communism, and an important commercial and manufacturing hub, Changsha oozes diversity and depth. Home to 7.5 million people, the city is nonetheless off the main tourist trail: visit Changsha for a fascinating glimpse into an authentic Chinese metropolis.

      Recent years have seen the capital of Hunan province become an important creative center for TV and entertainment, drawing expertise to this buzzing city both from China and beyond. Gourmands are in luck, particularly those whose palate leans towards the spicy: Changsha is home to fantastic restaurants, and local specialities include steamed fish head in spicy sauce, and chou dofu, or fried stinky tofu.

    • Essential Facts about Changsha

      • Language Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua), Hunanese local dialect
      • Time Difference China Standard (UTC +8)
      • Visa China Visa regulations apply
      • Currency Renminbi (Yuan)
      • Shopping
      • VAT/GST No VAT/GST (all inclusive)
      • Gratuity not officially practiced in discretion
      • Payment methods: Alipay 支付宝,wechat pay 微信 支付, Applepay 苹果支付
      • Business Hours (office hours is 9am-5pm, shopping 10.00am-10.00pm)
      • Telephone Network +86 province code 0731
      • Vaccinations NA
      • Electricity 220V
      • Public Holidays follows China PH schedule


    Address: 湖南省长沙市开福区芙蓉中路一段416号
    No. 416 Furong Middle Road Sector 1, 
    Kaifu District,
    Changsha, Hunan, China
    Reservations: +86 731 8529 0488
    Hotel Mainline: +86 731 8428 9999

    Address: 湖南省长沙市开福区芙蓉中路一段416号
    416 Furong Middle Road Sector 1
    Changsha, Hunan, China

    Email: sales.changsha@

    Reservations: sales.changsha@

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